Product Name : Signal Cable
Communication Cable
Communication Cable
Main Products:
Product / Specification TYPE SIZE APPLICATION SPEC
PCM-E1 Indoor CABLE 1P ~ 40P 0.5mmØ/td> Used for interconnecting between frames of PCM equipments with 120W
Cat.5e / Cat.6 Cable 4P 0.5mmØ Used for digital Transmission of voice and signal.
PE-PVC Indoor Digital Cable 1P ~ 4P 0.5mmØ , 0.65mmØ Connecting media of telecommunication cabinets in building for digital and analog signal transmission.
PE-PVC Star Quad Indoor Telephone Cable 10P~50P 0.4mmØ, 0.5mmØ Used for indoor telephone distribution line.
PE-PVC Drop Wire 1P, 2P 0.65mmØ Lead wire between telephone and underground distribution terminal or subscribers’ premises.
PVC or Nylon Jumper Wire 1C~4C 0.5mmØ Connection of indoor distribution frames, junction boxes or main distribution boxes.  


1.General applications and Functions

TA HENG coaxial cables are designed for providing the excelle properties of high band width, low signal attenuation, and prevent signal leakage or interference in signal transmission industry.

The typical application of TA HENG coaxial cables include radio, television, audio/video appliance, computer, radar, satellite antenna TV, community antenna TV, master antenna TV. closed-circuit TV, home entertainments, and widespread use in local area networks (LANS), instrumental control systems, detector area, etc.

In order to insure consistent cable performance and uniform electric properties TA HENG had introduced the precise quality control testing and electrical inspection to check every critical property - impedance, capacitance, voltage, attenuation,physical characteristics,elongation, flame retardancy , both on line and in the lab to comply with MIL specifications and customer's requirements.

2.Reference application based on the relationship of coaxial cable and characteristic impedance

Characteristic impedance Ω Typical Application
50 Radio
75 TV
95 Computer
125 Specialty

3.cable construction

◎Inner Conductor: Copper-clad steel, tinned copper-clad steel, stranded copper-clad steel, annealed bare copper, tinned annealed copper, bare aluminum, copper alloy.

◎Dielectric Core: Extruded solid PE, foamed PE, semi-solid PE.

◎Shield: Annealed bare copper, tinned annealed copper, aluminum.

◎Jacket: PVC, non-contaminating PVC, PE.


放大倍數:50倍 (10X目鏡+5X物鏡)

• Foamed

• 氣泡顆粒大小不一,且較不均勻

• 氣孔過大部份會影響其特性表現

• 衰減偏大,迴饋損失偏小,駐波比偏大


• Skin-Foamed-Skin

• 氣泡顆粒大小一致,分佈均勻

• 洩漏電流較小,可改善化學發泡之缺點

• 衰減偏小,駐波比偏小